About Me

I’m a mom of two adult children and on the verge of an empty nest. One of my “hobbies” lately has been finding new and creative recipes, particularly since we’ve found The Produce Box, a CSA/produce delivery service. My family isn’t into “weird” recipes, like using obscure cuts of meat or insanely hot spices, for example. But we’ve found that we do like tasty dishes that use some different (to us) vegetables, spices, and techniques. I also like to try to recreate dishes we’ve enjoyed at restaurants that are no longer available, either because they’ve gone out (thankfully, I have figured out how to replicate Chi-Chi’s Cancun) or they aren’t nearby (how I learned to make knockwurst and unsuccessfully recreate Noble Roman’s pizza). I’m developing quite a collection of tasty, not-too-difficult recipes that appeal to our former meat-and-potatoes diet.

Another part of the diet change is that I have been attempting to lose weight. It’s been two years since I started changing our habits and I’ve found that I don’t lose weight like everyone else. Meals have to be very low calorie for me, so I focus on higher fiber and lower fat to keep the satiation factor high and the calorie count low. And it has to appeal to the rest of the family, too!

I’ve been a software developer and love geeky technology, much like my husband, also a computer programmer. But I’m also an art major, so I’m into the crafty, DIY kind of projects. I’ve done a lot of technical writing in the past and blogging seems to merge my desire to write.

4 Comments to “About Me”

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