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January 13, 2018

Baby Shower for the Baby Wild Thing!

I’m going to be a grandma! My daughter is expecting a baby boy in late March. We are all thrilled and excited!

Of course, the new mom-to-be needs a baby shower. She selected a storybook theme with the focus on the book Where the Wild Things Are. Her best friend, S, and I were determined to make this a perfect shower for her, since she tends to spend an inordinate amount of time making showers or parties perfect for other people.

Where the Wild Things Are is a great story where Max goes to his room and imagines that it turns into a jungle, then he sails away to a far away land where there are wild things. You can’t have a party about Wild Things without the jungle, so we turned the dining room into a jungle. This is where many of the activities would take place.

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