Bottle Cap Pins

2017-10-26 10.16.34Once I finally got the Bottle Cap Jewelry to look the way I wanted, I was ready to make the Bottle Cap Pins for the Grandmas and Great Grandmas to be at my nieces baby shower.

This process was much more straightforward than the bottle caps.

The process of assembling these is as follows:

  1. Drill holes (1/16″ inch) with a Dremel tool in the top and bottom of the prepared bottle cap. I drilled from the back to the front, drilling through the outer wall. This could be done before filling with Dimensional Magic (or epoxy), but be sure not to drill into the “bowl” of the bottle cap.
  2. Being a baby shower, I wanted the diaper pin to figure into the design. I’d also like it to be usable as a diaper pin should the need arise. Using an eye pin, thread seed beads onto it and make another another eye at the end. Before attaching by opening the eyes, open the pin to be sure to attach it to the side of the pin without the point.
  3. Using a jump ring, attach the bottle cap to the beaded eye pin.
  4. Using beads that you like, make a dangle of beads. Use eye pins for the top bead, and head pins for those that dangle from the top bead (attaching them to the eye of the top bead). It might look good with three dangles, too.

This brings you to the picture, below. It’s cute, but it still needs something. Ribbon would work!

Bottle cap attached to diaper pin with a dangle of beads.

Bottle Cap Pin assembled, before adding ribbon.

I cut a length of 1-1/2″ sheer ribbon and threaded it under the seed beads and over the back of the pin. I cut the ends decoratively. Then I added another ribbon (1/2″?) over the top, but ending behind the bottle cap. Being inherently lazy, I got my Buttoneer gadget and used that to secure the ribbon, positioning it behind the bottlecap. I could have sewn it, or used glue, but the Buttoneer was easy.

2017-10-26 10.11.08

That’s how I made Savannah’s Grandma and Great Grandma pins. They all enjoyed their keepsake, and if need be, it can be quickly disassembled to use the diaper pin.

You can find diaper pins on Ebay and Amazon in a wide array of colors.

2017-10-26 10.16.34

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