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October 24, 2017

Bottle Cap Jewelry

I’m going to be a great aunt! My sister-in-law’s daughter is going to have a baby soon! And that means a baby shower! And that means CRAFTS! YAY! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to be crafty, and I’ve missed it.

Of course, the first step for any baby shower is to peruse Pinterest and find 7,289 ideas that are an absolute¬†must-do. Then you realize that you have a limited time to do this shower, and you narrow your list down to a dozen or so “I’ll see if I can pull this off.” Fortunately, I’m the accomplice, and my sister-in-law is doing the hard work. I get the fun stuff!

One of the things my SIL posted was these nice little ribbons that have a bottle cap that proclaims “Grandma to Be.” She actually had several of them, so I think she really wants one. I decided to make them for both Grandmas-to-be and the two Great-Grandmas-to-be as a surprise.

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