The Bok Choy Challenge

My family has subscribed to a CSA/produce delivery service for a little over a year now. If you’re in the Triangle, Triad, or Wilmington NC (and a few other areas), please check out The Produce Box. We’ve had the best and freshest produce imaginable!

High Fiber Pear-Glazed Ginger ChickenWe love stir-fries, too. It’s our go-to meal for the summer. Chop up the veggies in the box, add some meat, add a low-fat sauce, and dinner’s ready in a jiffy. But by the end of the summer, it’s kinda routine. So when we had a bounty of bok choy, I went looking for a recipe that was something other than a stir-fry. The result was this High Fiber Pear-Glazed Ginger Chicken Recipe from Shape Magazine. I’m sure you’re looking at the first two words and thinking, “but does it taste good?” Oh yes it does!

It uses pear nectar, and if you’re fresh out (like I usually am), substitute applesauce. Leave out the cilantro if you don’t have it/don’t like it. No scallions? Onions work fine. Misread the recipe and dump in a bunch of garlic? Add the ginger and don’t worry — it’s still great. The sauce is a wonderful sweet and gingery sauce that is begging to be soaked up by some rice, cooked grains, or some crusty bread. Even my daughter, who does not eat cooked fruit, liked this dish! It’s become a staple when pears or bok choy are on sale or in the Produce Box.

This recipe also has one tip: “Feel free to trade bok choy for a combination of celery and spinach in this chicken recipe.” AHA! That’s a cool substitution! So, a soup that uses celery can use bok choy! Hmmm…the possibilities this opens up! Extrapolating a little farther, perhaps it can interchange with cabbage, too.

Bok choy isn’t exactly the most mainstream vegetable. So the Produce Box asked its members for tips and recipes to help other members find uses for this vegetable. So I offered up the above. And for doing so, they doubled my share of bok choy! YAY! Thank you, Produce Box!!

Trini Style Chicken Recipe from

This gift of extra bok choy made me feel like I should do something noble with it, as if I should find another recipe for those who aren’t as adventurous in the kitchen. So I spent some time Googling and found this Trini Style Chicken Recipe at It’s got simple ingredients, if you pick up a box of sazon (Latino seasoning) at the grocery store. I know I purchased a box some time ago, but I couldn’t find it at Lowe’s Food or Harris Teeter. But I did find it at Wal-Mart. If you can’t locate it, try a Hispanic market (which is an enjoyable field trip in itself!). Or make your own. I loved how this spice turned the chicken a wonderful orange color!

I also liked how the sugar is caramelized adding the chicken. One tip: don’t turn the heat up to make it “go faster.” Just be patient and let it melt and caramelize over medium heat. You won’t burn the sugar this way. I know, it’s hard to be patient!

I’ve bookmarked a few other non-stir-fry main dishes that use bok choy. I’ll try them next time we get some bok choy and let you know how it goes. If you’ve got any great ideas, please share!


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