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May 26, 2012

Fun with Flooring

We’re doing lots of home improvement projects in anticipation of our daughter’s wedding. Mostly it’s a lot of refinishing walls that sometimes includes either stripping poorly hung wallpaper or painting over oil-based paint. The home was built in 1989 — who uses oil-based paint INSIDE in the modern era?! Having finished most of the walls that we want to change, we’re now fixing the floors.

New carpet on the porch. Finally!

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May 24, 2012

The Bok Choy Challenge

My family has subscribed to a CSA/produce delivery service for a little over a year now. If you’re in the Triangle, Triad, or Wilmington NC (and a few other areas), please check out The Produce Box. We’ve had the best and freshest produce imaginable!

High Fiber Pear-Glazed Ginger ChickenWe love stir-fries, too. It’s our go-to meal for the summer. Chop up the veggies in the box, add some meat, add a low-fat sauce, and dinner’s ready in a jiffy. But by the end of the summer, it’s kinda routine. So when we had a bounty of bok choy, I went looking for a recipe that was something other than a stir-fry. The result was this High Fiber Pear-Glazed Ginger Chicken Recipe from Shape Magazine. I’m sure you’re looking at the first two words and thinking, “but does it taste good?” Oh yes it does!

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May 23, 2012

Sweet Potatos and Black Beans

My husband was not a fan of sweet potatoes. And then we joined a produce CSA and along comes a box containing quite a number of sweet potatoes. He was not thrilled. But I found a few recipes that were vastly different than sweet potato casserole, and now he likes sweet potatoes.

My son is a Health and Exercise Science major and has become a runner. He’s into eating very healthy. Sweet potatoes and black beans play very nicely in a healthy diet and they play quite nicely together. He found this Sweet Potato and “Un-Fried” Bean Tacos recipe on cHow Divine. Oh how divine it is! It’s simple and quite yummy. OK, I was skeptical about the combination of mustard and tamari (use soy sauce if you don’t have it), but it work. Well. 🙂

cHowDevine's Tacos

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